Adoption Options...Where to Begin?

In the four years since losing our first and only child, my husband and I have had the hopes to adopt a child. There were numerous complications that accompanied our last trip to the hospital and unfortunately we can't have any other children of our own. As my husband is adopted, we have always wanted to adopt, just didn't expect it to be our only option for ever building a family of our own. It seems now that nearly everyone in our families and a majority of my friends are expecting their own bundles of joy, something that we have longed for, for so long.

In the past few years, my husband's job has required that that we move around and I have been working toward my bachelor's degree (completed in 13 months!!). Since we will have to adopt when we decide to start a family, we made a goal for ourselves to work on completing our education, finding awesome jobs, and saving up to start the process of adopting.

Fast forward from 2009, we are ready to finally start working on looking into our adoption options. Whether we decide to use an adoption agency, surrogate mother, or to foster-adopt a child, we hope to continue looking into and researching all of our options.