Ready to start

Over the last few years, my husband and I have tossed about the idea of adopting a child. My husband himself is adopted and we have always wanted to adopt, although adoption was not our first choice for building our family together. After the loss of our daughter to stillbirth and my lifesaving hysterectomy following her birth, our lives and plans for future children changed as we knew them.

As we have grown together, helped each other to return to a somewhat normal life, we have often talked about a next child and what our hopes for that child might be. As two people in our mid-twenties, it often feels odd to be one of the only couples in our group of friends or family that do not or are not expecting a child or have had children in the last year or two. There must seriously be something in the water when it comes to our friends!!

In the last few months, we have moved, changed jobs, finished school, and are ready to say and finally make our plans to adopt official! We know that this could be a long process and are completely fine with waiting but we want to be sure that we are ready and have done everything we can to be ready for "our moment"