Embryo Adoption, Surrogate Mothers, An Option to Consider…

While learning about our options for having a child of our own, there are many options available. While we are completely open to using an adoption agency we have also looked into an embryo adoption and use of a surrogate mother and are really interested in the possibility of using this method for our family.

Even though our world is filled with children, both at home and in lands far abroad, there arise increasingly more times when families want to adopt in a highly specialized plus personal way. Particularly, embryo adoption via surrogate mothers is an option that provides satisfaction, savings, and security. Yet, what does adoption of an embryo from a surrogate mother entail?

The use of surrogate mothers and embryo adoptions have become an especially popular method for family building for infertile couples or those like myself who have no means of having a child. Along with that advantage, a woman formerly incapable of having a child can actually receive the entire experience of child birth and bonding.

If we are to decide on using this option for our family, my husband would have the chance to have a biological child via an adopted embryo and surrogate mother who would carry the child for us. For several reasons, we have been drawn to the idea of using a surrogate mother. Unlike an most adoption cases, the use of a surrogate mother could allow for my husband and I to bond with the surrogate mother, be present during pregnancy, and the actual birth of our child.

Over the years, we have had a few friends that have so graciously offered to act as a surrogate mother for us. This would not only mean the world to us that someone we know and love would offer to do such a thing for us, but it would also help tremendously with cutting the cost of the entire process. The rising costs of normal adoption procedures have risen and are still rising quite a bit.
Although American adoption costs can start out as low as $0, they reach as high as $30,000. Countless couples already know that adoption from a county agency can cost very little; but it also has many restrictions and normally only serves as a source for much older children.

The idea of adopting younger and without restriction normally causes pricing to rise. Yet comparably speaking, even the highest costs for embryo adoption via surrogate mothers can beat the higher costs of typical adoption procedures by approximately $5,000 to $10,000 or more.