When will my turn come?

In the past year, I've had several, I mean, several friends to have had children or to find out that they are pregnant. At one time, I had twenty friends that were pregnant or had young babies. While I have gotten to the point in my life that I can be happy for my friends when they are expecting, this journey has taken years and months to reach this point in my life.

In the last few months, I've had a few family members learn that they were expecting and I could not be happier for them, I will be an aunt by this time next year and cannot wait! I also learned of a few other friends this week that are expecting and look forward to their journey as well.

While the sadness for our first baby never really disappears, I don't break down every time someone mentions a baby. I've learned to treasure her brief memory and to hold on to those thoughts rather than dwell on the sadness. I'm not always as good at this as I'd like to be and I certainly have my days where I just want to mope around. This past week has been especially hard for me in some respects. We're relatively new to the area that we live in and are finally making a few friends. After learning that a friend is expecting and listening to pregnancy excitement, I once again wonder, when will my turn come??