Giving Samantha A Voice

Let’s get the word out about this new movie, Return to Zero,  and help raise awareness about stillbirth!

In 2009, my husband and I lost our daughter, she was stillborn. Her death caused grief and heartache like we  hadn't known was possible but also brought us closer together. In the weeks following the loss of our daughter, I realized that my purpose in life would be to help raise awareness and to provide comfort and support for families that were also dealing with this type of loss. 

This past month, I learned about an amazing movie that is being created, RETURN TO ZERO. I was given the chance to become a local leader and am so excited for the opportunity to help raise awareness and also meet families who have been in similar situations as myself and my family.

Infant loss awareness, especially stillbirth awareness is a passion of mine, after the loss of my daughter, I want to help other families in similar situations. As this movie is currently in production, we need to help ensure that the movie makes it to the local movie theaters.

RETURN TO ZERO is the first film ever created that focuses solely on stillbirth. The movie casts includes Minnie Driver, Paul Adelstein, Alfred Molina, Connie Nielsen, Kathy Baker, Andrea Andes, and Sarah Jones. They are working to create an amazing movie that will help to raise awareness and share insight into what the family deals with and experiences during stillbirth. This movie will help to show those who might not understand, how these families are touched and the experiences that an infant’s death may cause.

How can you help? Sign the pledge, see the movie. We need as many pledges as possible!

I have signed up to be a local leader for the film and in the next 30 days, I am hoping to get 100 of my family and friends (or more!) to sign up and pledge to see the film opening weekend (which has yet to be determined- hopefully late 2013 or early 2014). By PLEDGING to see RETURN TO ZERO in theaters when it shows in your community we can prove to Hollywood and distributors that that there is an audience for a film about this difficult but important subject matter.

You can sign up here:

It’ll take about 30 seconds to fill out the form. Please list me (Natalie Welanetz) as your local leader and that's it! The city with the highest number of pledges at the end of the pledge drive will not only receive a special screening of RETURN TO ZERO but writer/director and producer  will attend to host a Q&A afterward!

So, if you live in Oak Harbor or  Whidbey Island in general, please list Oak Harbor, WA as your city/region. Let's bring these guys to Washington!! I understand that you aren't positive that you'll see the film and that's okay! But I encourage you to fill out the form and show your support anyway!!

Please help me make sure that RETURN TO ZERO makes its way to theaters! Let's give our Samantha and so many other stillborn babies the voice they never had!!

Thank YOU!!

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