A Tribute to the Bestie

Friends are people you can talk towithout words,when you have to. elvis Presley

Today, June 4th is a very special day, my best friend’s birthday. It’s the day she finally catches up to me so that I’m not old by myself J

I’ve known Tiffany all of my life, we’re cousins and have developed a wonderful friendship over our 25 years. We’ve always (until the last few years) lived right up the road from each other and were in most of the same classes throughout our years in school. From an early age, Tiffany road to school with my sister and I, and my poor mom got to listen to the three of us each and every morning. We had several school morning rituals; the breakfast at Burger King or Waffle King, where Dale’s dad would usually treat us to a Friday morning breakfast. There were also the synchronized hair brushing each and every morning when we hit that red light on the square.

There were trips to Waffle House, trips to the creek, and times at the shop. I could go on and on about the craziness that Tiffany and I have created or at least been a part of, but I’m sure no one wants to read a booktoday.

I haven’t yet lived down the moment when I tripped at my sister’s softball game. The liter cup of Sprite that Tiff and I were sharing flew into the air and went all over. And then, there were snow days from school. These days usually consisted of playing in the snow, watching Forrest Gump a few times, making snow cream, and eating a whole lot of Milky Way Midnights.

In middle school, there were dances and too many “boyfriends” to even laugh about. We survived a history class together, though given the circumstances and our laughing through the hour, I'm not sure how. There were Halloween costumes, days we came to school wearing pretty much the same things without planning to (happened quite a bit). We both gushed about that resource officer, field days at the park, and that Home Ec. Class that no one really wanted to be in. We rode the school bus together, made great friends and owned that back seat! That bus driver loved her two favorite girls! 

In high school, we rode our last two years of school together and the synchronized hair brushing days came to an end. We both started driving, still eating breakfast out a good bit and then on to the parking lot to hang out with the guys.  We both had boyfriends; fussed about them, set each other up, helped each other break up, the list goes on We took health care classes to watch movies and sleep, we joined the FFA for, you know, the scenery J and of course, because we were interested in learning to grow grass and feed a cow or two. We worked in the office, made friends with that resource officer,and enjoyed Subway for lunch while the other kids chowed down on the cafeteria special.

And then, came senior year. We worked hard, made awesome grades, and yet still goofed off for the majority of time we were stuck in class. Tiffany was dating the guy she is now married to and I, well it took me a while longer to find Mr. Right! One perk of the boyfriend Tiffany was with during senior year (well perk for me); she couldn’t take the “old one” to prom. I was bringing a friend (Ashley) since I didn’t have a date but then landed myself a date with Tiffany to the senior prom too lol. We made a day of it, had our hair and makeup done together and mama helped us with our gowns. We had pictures made at the Botanical Garden, my house, her house, the Shop, and even with Mr. Sausage himself. Our date was at Mac’s Drive In (famous in Pendleton). They treated us to a candlelit spot complete with grilled cheeseburgers with ranch, and French fries on paper plates. Pat even surpised us with sweet tea in a real wine glass!  But no milkshakes were allowed!

We graduated together and then went off to college, for a while.

Fast forward a few years, Tiffany was there as any friend would be when things fell apart for me. She helped me to feel better during the loss of my daughter and major surgeries. We've both lost dear people over the years and have been there for one another. She was at my wedding, and then we lived right up the road from each other once more.

We had weekly dates at El Patron and would go out to dance quite often. We perfected our moves for the Wobble, the Cha Cha slide, and what ever other dances were popular while we were out. The boys became good friends and all was great.

When Kris joined the Navy, I didn’t realize how much I would miss living in the South, particularly, living in my community, Slabtown. I also didn’t realize how much I would miss Tiffany and each of our traditions that we’ve started over the years, like our super fun bonfires out back in the field. It’s odd not to be within walking distance of such a close friend, odd not to just bump into her at Wal-Mart because you usually go around the same time each week.

And finallyI’m almost done J 

This past January; I got the text that I’ve been waiting for, for what seems like forever. Tiffany was going to have a baby, my “nephew”, lil Tim!!!!! As she had been engaged for quite a few years, she had a wedding planned for later in the year but, the two of us put our thinking caps on and knuckled down for the wedding planning MONTH of the century. Yes, you read that right, we planned that wedding in ONE month and it was a darn good wedding, if I do say so myself. I was honored to be Tiffany’s maid of honor and am so very glad that I was able to share that special day with her.

Now, I am living completely across the country from my Burgess sista but still miss her so very much and cannot wait to be home to see her and lil Tim, and Kevin too, I reckon!


I hope you enjoy your birthday. Wish I was there, we’d do it up big, Slabtown style!!

Photo Collage (from left to right):

1. Catching up, hanging out on my trip home from San Antonio, TX.

2. Bonfire party before first move from home.

3. Natalie/Kris wedding reception, 2009.

4. Fun times at El Patron (our Mexican joint)

5. Tiffany’s weddingwe’re all grown up now!

6. Family concert in the woods, this is the night Tiff and Kevin announced their engagement!!

7. Friend tattoos our honeysuckles!

8. High school graduation, 2006

9. Featuring Nat and Tiff performing their famous “Wobble” by the bonfire glow