May Flew by!!

1. Our silly puppies at play time, they love to wrestle and chase one another.

2. I got the job! After months of looking, applying, and interviewing, I got a job!

3. A day of hiking at Deception Pass, this area is just breath taking.

4. Photo shoot with my boots, love these to death!

5. Nature watching, it’s amazing to watch bees fly from flower to flower. Nature at its best

6. Kris has a new toy, loves his guitar and maybe next month will be able to play us a song J

7. Stumbled upon a new beach when lost going home from an interview. Beach is gorgeous here, with views of Cascade Mountains.

8. Love watching wildlife from our front door, this little guy hung out in our front yard for hours.

9. We finally got our home gym set up, let the fitness begin!!

WOW, this month, May, has really flown by!! We’ve been busy, getting our Facebook page and blog off to a good start. Also made plenty of time for outdoor adventures (when it was actually sunny here), puppy play time, and lots of time out back with the grill. I had a final round of interviews and landed a job, wasn’t the easiest thing to do in this economy, but so far, so good! Kris is steadily practicing that guitar and is starting to sound pretty good. Who knows, maybe he’ll know a song or two soon!

June is here, and our family birthday week begins pretty much now.  We’ll be busy with three birthdays next week, an anniversary and then a few more birthdays too. Possibly taking a surprise trip home in June too, but better not say a whole lot about that yet…

So, what have ya’ll been up to, how was your month and what fun plans do you have coming up??