Our Favorite Trips #1 {Series}

As a child, we never really traveled much, other than the typical beach summer vacations, trips to the mountains, or camping at the lake near our town. I grew up in a small town and hadn't really traveled or  got a chance to see much of the country... until I met my husband. The year we started dating, I got my first taste of traveling to the north and even got to travel out of the country a few years later. Although I do love being at home, I have grown to really like traveling and seeing new things, going on new adventures.

A small town girl left the south and went on her first trip to Boston. It was during this trip that I met my then boyfriend's parents and got a glimpse into his life. We were on our first spring break during freshman year of college and he wanted to bring me home to meet Mama. To top off the nerves that come along with meeting your boyfriends parents, taking a trip like you've never taken before, I also faced taking my first trip ever on a PLANE. I remember being nervous as we went through security, they weren't particularly concerned or nice about the fact that I had NO clue what I was supposed to be doing or where I was supposed to be. 

On this trip to the big city, I saw my first taxi (at age 19!), first sky scraper, first subway train,  first Saks Fifth Avenue, first Red Sox game, and many, many more things that I had only seen on television. It felt extremely weird to be in a town where most things were close enough to walk to and man were there tons of stores to shop! I was more than a bit overwhelmed the entire trip with everything that went on and how different it was from anything that I had ever known. 

 Did I mention how cold it was?! I'm not one for cold weather, at home we are lucky to get a dusting of snow/slush mix each winter. For this trip, I had to buy clothes that were suitable to wear up there. It's kind of ironic how we now live in an even colder climate and seven years later, here I am still getting used to the cold!

I admit, I have never been one for the city life but the trip was fabulous.  I've been to Boston maybe three times now and love to visit, however, this small town girl has no future plans for city livin...