National Pet Week

Talking about pets on an adoption blog, really? I know what you're thinking but, in our family, our pets are family too! So this week is all about the other side of our family, our dogs.  This week is National Pet Week and we plan to celebrate with our pups (as if they aren't spoiled enough!)

First, a little bio on my two dogs.... We don't have children and these dogs have been a huge part of our life.

Meet Miss Belle

Belle is 5, she's a lab/husky mix and loves her daddy more than anything in the world! When my husband was away for basic training and A-school (more Navy training), Belle waited by the door each day for him to come back home. Belle protects "her" yard. She even protects mommy from any snakes that she finds!

 She enjoys skyping with her daddy and meeting new doggy friends. The cutest thing about Belle would be her love for nurturing. She has raised a litter of kittens before and has a soft spot for babies of any kind. When we finally get to adopt, I am positive that Belle will be our babies biggest fan and best, best friend.

Meet Sheldon (as in Dr. Sheldon Cooper!)

Sheldon is a mastiff mix, he's pretty big and still growing! Our Shelly Belly came into our life a few months after being stationed in San Antonio, Texas last year. Belle's house mate, Jack the Chihuahua passed away a few months before and Belle was one lonely, miserable dog by herself.

My husband and I came across a family who had found an entire litter of 9 puppies that some mean mysterious person had tried to drown. The puppies were all quite sick, starved, and abused. We played with each of the puppies from the litter, trying to decide on who we liked the best.

Shy little Sheldon came around to us and with one look, I new that he was our new puppy. Fast forward a year, Sheldon is happy, healthy, and still working on his people skills, although he has come a long way.