Domestic Adoption- Another Option

We’ve been looking into all of the options that are available to us for adopting a child. As I continue to research, I am learning so, so much about the options that we have.

Domestic adoptions are very common throughout the United States. This option usually results in the adoption of a newborn child for the adoptive family (an experience we would love to have). This method of adoption allows the birthmother to choose an adoptive family via an adoption agency.  The adoptive couple also works with the selected adoption agency of their choice to find the birth mother that will allow them to adopt her child. The adoption agencies will the adoptive family through the process and will also conduct a home study, one or more, before the actual adoption occurs.

The time frame for a domestic adoption may vary but is typically around two years. The times may vary depending on factors such as a couple’s budget, being chosen by the birthmother, and any restrictions that an adoptive family may have for their future child (race, age, location, etc..).

With this adoption method, there are many laws that vary by state. Hopeful adoptive couples may have to follow the laws of both their home state and the state from which they are adopting. 

Lots to think about as we continue in this journey.....