Our Mother's Day Weekend

With Mother’s Day coming up tomorrow, I’m preparing myself for a hard day, a day that I’ll want to shy away from Facebook or Google and just spend time reflecting. The loss of our only child has forever changed the way I think and feel about Mother’s Day, this holiday is a yearly reminder that I too SHOULD be celebrating this day

This weekend, we’re planning to have a pretty relaxing few days, not make a big fuss about tomorrow and just have time to ourselves. We’re not stationed around any family so won’t have any Mother’s Day parties or functions to be expected to show up for.

Mother’s Day is typically a very hard day for me, a day that I think more about the fact that I should be celebrating this day with my daughter, not grieving her loss. This year is no different, but at least we do have our adoption plans in the works and can look forward to future Mother’s Day holidays. I’ve joined my adoption friends as a “mommy to be, whenever that may be.”