Just When You Thought S'mores Couldn't Get Any Better!

Living on an island in the rain shadow can make life difficult for those who love to grill, cook outside, and enjoy sunshine on a regular basis. We finally got a nice weekend, had temperatures in the 80's and two full days of sunshine! So, we made it a point to hang out in the yard and to take advantage of the nice weather for a day of grilling! 

After finishing up with the grill, Kris gets the bright idea to toast a marshmallow over the cooling grill. He toast the marshmallow to a perfect brown and then surprises me by making s'mores. 

I watched him making the s'more as he thinks of himself as quite the dessert chef. After gathering his "s'more" ingredients, he comes back out to toast the marshmallow. 

Kris' other ingredients included: 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies (a treat previously baked by Kris) and 2 miniature individually wrapped Hershey candy bars. 

He places the toasted marshmallow and miniature chocolate bar in between the two chocolate chip cookies and allows the candy bar to begin melting. 

Originally, I had turned down the offer for Kris to make me a s'more.....that soon changed when I tried a bite of his delicious treat! I'm not sure if a normal s'more will taste quite as good after this new discovery.  

So the next time you’re out grilling or are at a bonfire be sure to have cookies, chocolate, and marshmallows on hand for making s’mores.you’ll thank me when you do J

P.s. If you buy the variety pack of mini Hershey bars, the Mr. Goodbar bars are excellent on cookie s’mores too!!!