Here's to New Beginnings...

Back in January, the Navy decided to see just how miserable they could make the two of us. How far away from home they could send us, how far from our normal could they find? So, they gave my husband orders and we began the moving process for the third time of the year. He had been in school for the Navy and so had been moving about every six months for a year and a half before this last move.

Our teeny tiny townhouse filled up quickly with boxes, the dogs began to panic, and we started saying our goodbyes once more.

We took a trip home for family visits and a best friend’s wedding before heading out for our cross country move to an island that most people have never heard of.

My heart and soul are rooted in the South and moving out of that region, so far away, has been especially hard for me to do. As Kris and I drove into Washington, the sun vanished into the clouds as we drove over the state line. We have been here for almost two months now. It still feels like living on a different planet.

The weather is always gloomy and cold. I have never in my life wanted to wear a long sleeve or fleece in May, but those are regular choices in my wardrobe these days. We have only had a few days with sunshine; I can see now why I have always heard that depression and gloomy weather can be related.

We’re still getting adjusted here; even our dogs are having issues adjusting to the weather and environment. The people (most, NOT all) haven’t been very nice to a young couple with a strong Southern drawl. More often than not, I have found it easier to keep to myself rather than put myself out there only to be ignored, given a blank stare or receive a rude comment about not sounding like a “north westerner.”  

The food choices, music playing in stores, and mannerisms are just something that I’m not accustomed to. We have moved three times since my husband joined the Navy and I’ve never dealt with a culture shock such as what we’re dealing with now.

However, we will be “trapped” on this island for the next few years, so here’s to new beginnings, might as well try to make the best of the lemons that life has thrown our way. Here’s to finding a way to ignore the making fun of the accent and to cooking more “normal” food at home. Here’s to making frequent trips home and learning to appreciate those friends that we do make, that don’t treat us as an outsider. Here’s to appreciating what we learn along this journey and to making the best of what we have been given.